Monday, March 21, 2011

Students must vote during the 'Students' Election because....

Students must vote during the 'Students' election because we as a student have the rights to choose the best people or person that can help us in the future...Students have the right to make their own decisions on whats wrong and whats right to make their live easier and happier in the campus.....Students must vote during the 'Students' Election because we have the right to complain if the administration or the university did something that is not fair to the least we have place to refer to and person that can help the students....

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Diet and exercise?? Let's talk about metabolism..

    How come metabolism is really important in weight loss and dieting? First of all, let me give you the definition of metabolism. Metabolism is the amount of energy or calories your body burns to maintain vital function.Your body is constantly burning calories while you are sleeping, shopping, and exercising. However, the metabolic rate different from one person to another.It also depends to the amount of muscle we have. In general, the more muscle we have, the higher our metabolic rate; the less muscle we have, the lower our metabolic rate. This explains why men, who have a high proportion of muscle, have a faster metabolism than women, and why a 20-year-old has a higher metabolism than a 70-year-old - again, they have more muscle.
This also explains why it's crucial to do as much as you can to protect your metabolic rate, especially when you're dieting. And this means dieting sensibly with a suitable, rather than a very low calorie intake so that you lose fat rather than muscle.Well, I would like to share the ways to increase our metabolism. Have a look and try it yourself!

  • Get regular exercise like walking,swimming.and even cleaning the house and doing yard work will also help to increase your metabolic rate.

  • Get edequate sleep as lack of sleep negatively affects the way our bodies metabolize carbohydrates. This results in glucose intolerance and can possibly lead to a slower metabolism with increased hunger.
  •  Drinking green tea is one of the easiest way as it appears to slightly raise metabolic rates, and also speed up the oxidation of unhealthy fats. Green tea has other health benefits as it contains a significant amount of antioxidants to protect the body from diseases such as cancer and heart ailments.
  • Avoid skipping meals.Contrary to popular belief, skipping meals doesn't merely save calories, it actually decreases metabolism causing you to burn calories at a much slower rate than normal. The body goes into a "starvation" mode to try to protect itself and compensate for the lack of calories and nutrition. The body then tries to hold onto its existing fat supply and will actually burn lean muscle instead.
  • Eat enough protein as it is essential for the body to build healthy, strong muscles. A good rule of thumb to follow is about one half gram of protein per pound of body weight. Which means that a 180 pound man would need up to 90 grams of protein per day.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Great leaders are not born, they are made...

    A'kum....hye friends....we meet again...This time, i would like to share my opinion about great leaders.Well, some of us are leaders, like being a president of BBET Club, a manager for SIFE, and even an eldest sister among our siblings also make you a leaders.However, there are significance different  between leader and a great leader.Are we great leaders?Who could lead their people wisely,and take a rational action rather than get into emotional feeling and making a fool decision that later we regret,or even at least a leaders who is fair enough to judge their people on their achievement but not on their talent  to buy your heart?
    As for me, there are so many sign to characterize a great leader.A great leader must be wise, rational, firm , fair, kind , and talented to lead. These great leader's characters will never possessed by a baby ones he born, but will be appear by his experiences and as a result of learning to be one.This is because leaders are many to find, but great leaders are one in thousands.

Monday, February 14, 2011

The love will grow stronger and last forever

After failed in love, the we will know waht is do's and dont's  in a relationship. However, do we actually understand what make a relationship last forever?For me, it is the understanding between each other, and to accept one's badness make we stick together, beside pure love. Not to say this theoretically, but from my experience instead. After 4 years in a relationship, believe me yet you will sometimes find out he might be not your Mr. Right. Lucky for him because we, gurls dont know who is actually our marriage partner and still give him chances even you cannot event count how many times he hurt your heart before.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Birth Order

When we are talking about birth order, I agree its define our personality. The eldest for example, will always lead and be such responsible person, while the youngest will will always be pampered, and happy go lucky types. It might be not the same for all families, but believe me it usually goes the same when it comes to their personality. Well, I am the eldest between my siblings, and like I said, I always need to be responsible at all time. I still remember when I was just at  standard three, while my parent went for working, I need to take cares my little sister by my own after come back from school.Well you know, some kind like babysitting, feed her,teach her to do homework, iron her clothes, and of course, not to let her go out before my parent come back. I will get scolded by my parent if anything happen to her.Compare with my youngest sister right now, she will never experience the responsible to baby sitting like I had before.Maybe I have to go through the tough period compare to all my siblings, but then all that make me matured enough. Beside that, the eldest always need to perform well in whatever she does. There is an advice that my mom always tell me, she said " You are the eldest, do your best and show that you can success because you are the role model of your siblings,they will always keep an eye on the path you are taking...". That it, a little bit on the reason why I agree the birth order define our personality. I am sure all of us have different point of view. Well, if you get different opinion, please leave your comment here..Untill then, see you..

Monday, February 7, 2011

If I could rule the world...

I m proud to say that we are lucky to live in Malaysia, a peaceful democratic country. Nowadays, even at this such modern era, but there are still war everywhere in Emirates States like Palestin and Afghanistan. People die everywhere, you will never feel free to walk around, there is no food, and of course there will no longer be a word 'happy' in your life. And that is the reason we are absolutely lucky to be chosen to live here.
However human will never be like one if he satisfied with what he had. Just like our country which also has political struggle and we sometime are not satisfied with the facilities and convenient provided by the ruler.When it goes to the road, it will sound like "where did they spend all the taxes money? Paying every year, yet my car still get damage by the road.Huuh!! It will be better if I could rule the world.."

What if we could rule the world? As for me, the first thing foremost I will announce no war allowed. The people that begin a war will be punished and placed in prison. We will live in peace then. I wont allow people littering around. What a beauty and clean country Malaysia will be. Then, I will let the student study for free at higher institution if they keep scoring the grades. Beside that, I will form an organization that responsible to teach every Muslim family 'Akidah' and 'Tajwid' for free. Every Muslim family must know the 'Tajwid' knowledge. Your life could be empty without it, and you even couldn't be strong when you come across a ghost. Last but not least, I ll find out the way to spread love and care among the people. The people should live happily and love each other, even with different races and religions. We should live like in heaven, perhaps. No hatred, no malevolent of other family happiness and luxury.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Useful Teen Makeup Tips

The perfect look for a teenager is a neutral and natural makeup. For most of the teenage girls a light foundation, black or brown mascara and a little bit of a blush should be enough. Teens should never apply too heavy makeup, tons of foundation or face powder because their skin is still young and fresh-looking. Soft and matte colors will suit every teenager. Unfortunately many teenage girls apply too much makeup in order to make them look older (red lipstick, too much blush, too much eye makeup) and the result isnt very pleasant.
If you are over 30 you may apply makeup to accentuate your best features and to hide the first signs of aging, but if you are a teenager you should use makeup simply to enhance your natural beauty. Another mistake that many teenagers make is that they apply too much concealer, foundation and powder to hide pimples, scars, blackheads or large pores, Actually doing so is a huge, huge mistake. This way you make your face look unnatural and like a mask and it can also lead to more serious skin problems like acne, more clogged pores (blackheads), whiteheads, discolorations and rashes. Remember: applying the appropriate amount of any makeup products is the first step to a flawless makeup.
The first and the most important thing for a flawless teens makeup is to keep your skin cleansed, toned and moisturized everyday. Wash your face every day with a gentle facial cleanser both in the morning and in the evening. Choose a product that is appropriate for your skin type and for the needs of your skin. If you have acne-prone skin, look for products containing alpha hydroxyl, benzoyl peroxide. Using and applying a facial toner is a must even if your skin is dry or sensitive. The toners are designed to remove surface oils and any dirt residue that your cleanser may have missed. They nourish the skin and whisk away impurities that usually lead to breakouts and blemishes.

Useful Tips:
  • Always remove your makeup in the evening with a gentle makeup remover.
  • Never apply too much makeup.
  • Experiment with different colors to see what looks great on you.
  • Avoid lining your eyes with black eyeliner.
  • Look for light-reflecting makeup products.
  • Always apply your makeup to a cleansed and toned skin.
  • Look for products with SPF at least 15.
  • Never apply too heavy foundation or face powder.
  • Remember: less is better.
  • Use tinted lip gloss or tinted lip balms to moisturize your lips.
  • Choose a tinted moisturizer in place of a foundation.
  • Choose eyeshadows in beige, soft peach or coral shades.
  • Lip gloss works best for teenagers.
  • Always apply your makeup to a moisturized face.
  • Smoky eyes with blue or pink shades look great on a teenager.
  • Avoid applying dark eyeshadows.
  • Choose a liquid foundation and a liquid concealer for a lighter coverage.
  • Make sure all your skincare products and makeup products are appropriate for your skin type.
  • Choose oil-free, fragrance-free and noncomedogenic makeup products.
  • Use a sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful sun rays, especially during the summer months.
  • Never outline your lips with too dark lip liner.
  • Form a habit of cleansing your face every day with appropriate products cleansers, toners and use face creams containing natural ingredients.